Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Before and After

Although we still need to get some mechanical work done on the van, the recent glorious weather and having nothing else to do has meant that we have practically finished the interior. Yesterday I had a look back at the first pictures we took back in November and it's quite a transformation.

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It's gone from a dark, stinky mess to a bright beautiful space. I've added a couple of finishing touches like bunting (made from the scrap fabric from the cushions) and solar powered rainbow makers (little prisms that spin and scatter rainbows around).

We are really pleased with it. Other parts of our grand plan aren't coming together quite as quickly but I'll do a post at the end of March to update you about that.

I've also decided that our now quite beautiful van needs a new name to match it's new look as Colonel Mustard doesn't seem to fit anymore. Any suggestions please let us know!


  1. Colonel Rainbow. You cant stop calling it The Colonel (can you?)

  2. The van looks great. Name ideas: chocks ahoy (just playing with the idea of shipping and getting away), run away van, mr Bo Jangles...

  3. Lovely redo! How about "Captain Smartypants"



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