Monday, 13 February 2012

Interior Decisions...

VW never actually made a campervan in the 20th Century (they do now - the boring but probably extremely reliable T5 California). VW made commercial vans, that were then converted to campers by approved conversion companies, the most famous being the German Westfalia. Our own Colonel Mustard was converted by the UK based company Devon, and there were many other companies doing conversions. This is why there is such a range of campervan types out there. 

The interior of our campervan was a classic Devon design that includes a gas fridge, sink and hob, all 100% original. We had to make a decision whether we ripped it all out and started again, or tried to work with what we had.

We had a good look at it all. I know nothing about cars and electrics but I could see it was all looking a bit old and tired. So we decided it would be better to strip it all out and start again! We are keeping the base unit, but all the old electrics and gas work have come out.

Check out the original floor we have uncovered (complete with 32 years of grime). The blue tube is the plumbing for the sink tap.

Nick taking out the copper piping for the gas fridge. We have decided not to have a gas powered fridge - they are heavy and I don't like the idea of sleeping in the same room as a gas powered appliance. 

We also decided to take out the old cooker. With the gas cylinder it takes up quite a bit of space.

Some more original flooring..

Now we need to decide what set up we will use for cooking and cooling. I think we will just use a coolbox (potentially a powered coolbox) as we will not be keeping meat, etc. for very long, the plan is to buy small amounts of fresh items each day (and there will be plenty of time for that). For a cooker we are thinking about just having a portable stove as we will probably be cooking outside as much as possible - only cooking inside when it rains. 

We are planning on having a few tester weekends before we set off for good to test it all out.


  1. Surely you wont need much more to cook with than you take camping? have you looked into thermal cookers yet? this is similar to teh one i have.

  2. I think we will take a small bbq and two hobs, and that should be enough. I really like those thermal cookers, but they are quite expensive and I'm not sure if we will have space for them!

  3. Apparently you don't need an expensive thermal cooker - an ordinary thermos flask works too! We are going to get one and test a few recipes.

  4. You dont even need a thermos

  5. Do you really think we will have room for that in the campervan?!

  6. No, but the theory is to insulate as much as possible, so you could wrap your thermos in whatever you do have in the van - bedding, towels, anything really to keep as much heat in as possible. and if you happen to be parked in a farm and theres some straw laying around you could use it! lol



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